When we think of home renovations, our mind first thinks of choosing new paint colors, new flooring, home decor, and fixtures.

While all of these are exciting aspects of a home renovation, homeowners tend to forget that there’s more to it than choosing a style and decoration. Other factors that need to be considered include budgeting, planning, finding a contractor, and so much more.

Knowing what to expect before starting a home renovation project will help you avoid any unwanted surprises and minimize the disturbance in your everyday life.

By following these simple tips for preparing for your home renovation, you’ll be set to navigate through the experience with ease.

Set a Renovation Budget

One of the most important parts of renovation planning is having a budget and sticking to it.

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It can be incredibly easy to go above the budget, and even easier to spend more money than needed on unnecessary items.

Before going ahead and splurging on fixtures or new, high-tech entertainment systems, make sure that all other costs are accounted for.

In your budget, include costs such as products, materials, and labor.

A contractor will typically give you an estimate for the work they’ll do, so be sure to put that into account as a major expense.

Lastly, add an extra 5%-10% into your estimated cost in case any surprise costs arise.

Determine a Timeline

One thing many homeowners don’t realize is that renovations can take a long time.

Start by setting an end date and plan backward from there. Be sure to include extra time in case any delays or unexpected issues arise. Consult your contractor to get an approximate timeline, as they know best how long it will take.

It’s essential to be realistic about how long renovations can be so that you’re not taken by surprise when it lasts longer than you thought it would.

Find a Storage Solution and Declutter

As part of your planning process, you need to figure out where you’re going to be putting all your belongings.

Having any items in the area being renovated puts them at risk of getting damaged and will make completing the job more challenging, as there will be more obstacles to get around.

The most efficient way of decluttering is by renting a self-storage unit. You’ll still be able to access your things anytime you want while keeping them safe and out of the way.

Do Your Research

Before starting a renovation project, you need to plan out exactly what you would like to get done.

This includes figuring out what areas of the house are going to be renovated, what design style you’d like, and how typical renovations processes go. It’s important to know what you’re getting into and what to expect before undergoing a renovation.

renovation contractor installing new hexagon floor tiles

One of the best ways to get an insight into how your project will look is by talking with your contractor.

You can get inspiration for design ideas through home decorating magazines and interior design websites.

However, be careful when deciding what design trends you’d like to incorporate, as they can quickly become outdated.

Hire a Reputable Home Renovation Contractor

Finding someone you can trust to deliver the results you want can be difficult.

Start by gathering references from friends and family who’ve had renovations done, and begin researching those companies. Check out online reviews to see what others have to say and visit their website to gain a better understanding of the type of work they do.

Make a list of expectations and key things you’d like your contractor to have. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential contractors, reach out to each one to get an estimate on the cost and timeline of the project.

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