Does your basement look like a dungeon? For many homeowners, it is just a storage space for unwanted boxes, furniture or electric appliances.

But think about it this way: why would you want to keep unwanted items? De-cluttering your basement is a great start.

But why not give a total upgrade to your basement! What better place to have fun in a stylish way than a room secluded from the rest of your place? Keep reading to learn about all the great things you can do with yours. It’s time to finish your basement!

The Last Reno to Tackle in Your Home?

Basement finishing means converting space that is not livable (maybe you’re using it for storage or mechanical room, but it’s “raw”) into a space you can actually use and enjoy.

Apart from spicing up your living space, a basement renovation can also increase the value of your property. In addition, it lets you consider ideas that you often can’t apply to your main living space.

What about a theater room for family and guests? And a play area for the kids? Who doesn’t love a bar?

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Basements don’t have to feel dark and cold!

Give Your Basement a Makeover

remodeled basement upgradeThe best way to figure out how to redesign your basement is to determine what your place is missing.

Ask yourself what does your family need.

If you work remotely, you might need a quiet an isolated space. If there are kids around, they might be missing a room for their toys.

Man and woman caves are especially trendy these days. Some people even install a bowling alley in their basement!

Light Up Your Ottawa Home

newly finished basement remodelOnce you have your basement remodel intent clear, there is something else to consider.

Since basements are too often dim or windowless, light is key.

In cases which the ceiling is not high enough, installing additional illumination is a must.

Go creative! If you need some guidance, you can always get in touch with us! With a combined 25 years experience in renovations, March Homes Inc. is the house of choice of many homeowners in Ottawa.

Basement Finishing vs Basement Remodeling

finished basement in newer homeAn unfinished basement is nothing but empty potential, a valuable blank canvas!

But before you take any further steps, make sure you design around your home systems, such as pipes, pumps, furnaces or HVAC, especially when relocating them is not an option.

Basement renovation differs from finishing a basement, since it generally happens when the finishing work has been completed.

Finishing, on the other hand, usually refers to hanging drywall and adding flooring, so that your downstairs space looks more complete.

Get the Most out of Your Ottawa Basement Remodel

Whether you go for some simple refinishing work or a complete remodel, the improvement of your basement will pay dividends.

Take it to the next level!

You could turn your basement into an impressive gym, an eye-catching cellar or a classy spa! Let it integrate with the rest of your home and become a beautiful and valuable asset to the property!

For all your basement needs, March Homes has you covered. Contact us today to find out how we can help!