Renovating outdoor spaces can be more challenging than you might expect!

There is a level of creativity required to think outside that box and create a beautiful and functional backyard oasis the whole family will enjoy. Here at March Homes, we have a team of exterior design experts who are eager to help you transform your backyard into the outdoor living space of your dreams! Trust us and we will provide quality services in a timely manner.

Backyard Renovation Inspirations

backyard with a raised deck and concrete patio

Finding inspiration to create a perfect, unique outdoor living space for your family can be a big task.

We’ve put together this easy-to-understand list of backyard renovation ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Our team is passionate about providing you with quality results no matter how big or small the project is.

Allow us to help you reinvigorate your backyard and transform it into something truly inspired!

Deck Installation

Installing a custom deck in your backyard is the first step to putting your stamp on your backyard!

A beautiful deck made out of the wood of your choice, designed to your exact specifications will help tie your backyard together and show your friends exactly who you are. Trust us here at March homes to design and install the perfect deck that will revolutionize your outdoor living space! Discover the hundreds of options for your backyard, contact us today.

Deck Addition Installation

A pergola built right into your deck is not as uncommon as you may think!

pergola built into a deck with backyard patio furniture in the shade

The appeal of installing a shaded outdoor space in addition to your deck has become increasingly popular as of late. If you are somebody who loves the outdoors, but the sun tends to frequently burn your skin, this is an excellent choice to keep you protected while enjoying nature!

Trust March Homes to install this addition to your existing deck, you won’t regret it! Learn more about pergola addition and contact us today.

Custom Fence Installation

Show your neighbours who you are with a custom fence designed to reflect your unique style and aesthetic.

We can work with any material you desire to create a beautiful fence that gives you the privacy you need to relax in your backyard and be yourself without the risk of wandering eyes. From PVC to wood, to even iron, March Homes will give you the privacy you crave with the perfect fence. Learn more about the various materials we can use to create your fence and contact us today to get started, you won’t regret it!

Install a Fenced-Off Vegetable Garden!

Protect your precious veggies from unwanted critters or pets by installing a fenced-off vegetable garden! Not only can you grow your own vegetables, but the vegetation helps improve air quality. There is nothing better than natural, organic fruits and vegetables grown right in your backyard.

March Homes design experts can work with you to install a fence that is effective as well as being visually appealing. We don’t believe in sacrificing “fashion for function”, and will ensure you are completely happy with your fenced-in vegetable garden!

March Homes – Quality Backyard Renovations in Ottawa

Here at March Homes, we approach every project as if we are working on our own homes. We won’t rest until we provide you with world-class results that you can brag to your family and friends about! We enjoy finding a creative approach to your renovation to make your backyard oasis truly unique.

Make your backyard sparkle with March Homes. Contact us today!