The excitement of watching a movie on the big screen with the volume cranked to the max is without doubt one of the best feelings to experience.

Watching a movie at home, while a fun activity to do, is incomparable to watching them in theatres, as your attention is divided between the screen and other things like scrolling through your social media or taking a quick power nap.

If you’re a fan of movies, gaming, or immersive television, having a home theatre can significantly improve your entertainment experience. You can customize the dedicated space to meet your level of comfort, whether that’s through a bigger screen, comfier couches, a powerful sound system, or all of the above.

A home theatre isn’t just a room with a sofa and a screen, but a space that requires certain requirements to be met to perfectly achieve the theatre effect.

Make the Screen as Big as Possible

While this may sound quite obvious, having a big screen is an incredibly important aspect to invest in.

Having a screen that’s too small opens up the chance of getting distracted by other things around you since you feel as though you’re observing the movie rather than being part of the action.

Other key factors that should be taken into account are the resolution, distance to the screen, lighting, and projector or TV location. Finding the correct combination between these elements will highly improve your home theatre experience.

Get a Powerful Sound System

Watching a movie or playing video games without adequate sound greatly decreases the emotional impact of a home theatre.

Dialogue, sound effects, and music all need to be reproduced accurately in order to have a realistic and immersive experience. Things such as placement and purpose help make the sounds appear harmonious rather than coming from multiple sources around the room.

Control Ambient Lighting

Similar to how small screens can lead to distractions, light from sources other than the TV or projector unintentionally take away your focus from the movie you’re watching.

Ambient lighting is unwanted lighting that can come in through windows and beneath the doors or can be artificial light inside the room itself. Having as much natural light as possible is always on the top of every home remodel must-have list.

However, the opposite must be done for home theatres. The best way to deal with ambient light is to choose a space that already has little light, such as a basement or room with no windows.

If having a little ambient lighting is something out of your control, consider getting a screen with a high lumens rating and using light-blocking curtains on any windows.

Get the Ultimate Movie-Watching Experience From the Comfort of Your Home

Basements are usually dark, uninviting spaces in many homes that no one really likes spending time in.

However, they’re the perfect space to build an incredible home theatre experience. From drywall and flooring to quality finishes and astounding sound systems, our experts at March Homes can transform your cold and dingy basement into a space your whole family can enjoy.

Reach out to us to learn more about basement renovations and get a free, no-obligation quote today.