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Frequently Asked Questions

These words are often used interchangeably in the real estate, contracting and interior design industries. They are similar in that it involves interior construction work but that is where the similarities end. Renovation involves restoring a room to a previous state through material, flooring, fixture and appliance replacements. Remodeling involves changing the overall design of a room, and creating something new. There is much more construction work involved with a remodelling project than there is a renovation project.
No. We have always been, and always will be March Homes.
We will be happy to provide this to you when you speak with us.
You can reach us by calling 613-859-7366, by email at or by contacting us on our website.
Included with any contract we enter into is a certificate of insurance and a letter of clearance. This is used as proof of our insurance coverage and worker’s compensation coverage.
It ultimately depends on the scope of work and materials we will be using. We will provide a comprehensive estimate of the cost for your project before you make any decision to hire us.
Again, this depends on the scope of work. It obviously takes much longer to complete a full home renovation or remodel than it would to simply finish a basement. As part of the estimate, we will also provide a timeline which outlines the work we will do and how long it will take to complete. If there are any changes to the project timeline, we will be sure to communicate that with you right away.
Yes, we will. We understand that our work can be messy, and we always aim to give your home the respect it deserves. We will handle cleanup at the end of each day, and provide a full cleaning when the job is finished so you can start enjoying your renovations right away!
This is a good question to ask a contractor to gauge their ability to do the job well. We have completed a total of 125 successful renovation projects, with the greatest number being in the past year. Our combined 25 years of experience allows us to complete projects that wow our clients and their guests. We let our work speak for itself. Take a look at our recent projects to see the possibilities!
There are a number of projects we can handle which can increase the value of a home. They include:
  • Finishing a basement.
  • Finishing an unused attic to add another livable room.
  • Adding an extension to the house to increase living space.
  • Building a new deck in the back yard.
  • Bathroom renovations.
  • Remodelling the full living area (kitchen, living room, dining room) for an open concept.
Keep in mind that some of these projects will require building permits. We can help you with securing them every step of the way.
March Homes does not offer financing options. However, there are other options available to you to finance your project including:
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Credit Cards
  • Government Loans
If you plan to use financing to help pay for your project, it is important to do your research and determine which option will work best for you.
We would be more than happy to. Simply get in touch with us so we can get a better idea of the project you’re looking to complete and we will provide references for people to whom we have provided similar work to what you are looking for.

You can also take a look at the testimonials we have here on our website.