When it comes to selling a house, it’s a generally accepted belief that renovations will help increase the selling price.

But the key to getting the most return on your real estate investment when preparing to list your home on the market is to do your renovations strategically.

Read on to find out how Ottawa home sellers have much to gain by focusing your efforts on impactful kitchen renovations to boost the price of your home.

Kitchen Renos – Think Like a Salesperson

newly remodeled kitchenBuyers who are looking for a home that’s currently occupied don’t necessarily expect it to be in brand-new condition.

What’s vital, however, is that your home make a tremendously positive impression on potential buyers.

For this reason, it’s better than you stop thinking like a home-owner and start seeing your house as a product. Now that might not be easy at first, especially since you’ve called this place home for years, and you’ve put your signature on various parts.

Ottawa realtors would likely all agree that the kitchen is a focal point of the home.  If you have a kitchen that screams “dark,” “dated,” “dilapidated” or “dysfunctional” to a potential buyer, your best move before listing on the market would be to invest in a kitchen renovation.

Kitchens Sell Houses, Kitchen Renovations Sell the Kitchen!

bright, fresh kitchen remodelUnless your home has issues that pose safety and health risk, you want to focus on those projects that improve its appearance.

Although it’s not always easy to determine which renovations are likely to raise your home’s value, most agents will tell you that kitchens sell houses.

Kitchen renovations and upgrades top the list of what home buyers are looking for in Ottawa homes.

Bear in mind that, even if they are likely to boost your house’s value, they do not guarantee that you will make back every dollar you invest.

Therefore, you should invest in strategic renovations and focus on kitchens and bathrooms rather than on other parts of the house.

Particular renos will go a long way towards helping your home make a positive impression on potential buyers. In any case, when remodelling a space, you want to make sure you recoup the money.

Attractive kitchens and modern bathrooms will work wonders! All you have to do is rely on professional advisers. Get hold of your local renovation company in Ottawa today!

Remodel Your Kitchen with a Strategic Plan & Budget

remodeling a kitchenTake your time to plan accordingly and don´t overspend unnecessarily: you can definitely upgrade your kitchen on a budget. Below you will find three tips to stay on track throughout the remodel:

  • Commit to spending the main part of the budget on things that should not be replaced in a long time, such as cabinetry and appliances.
  • Do not over-improve your kitchen, or you won’t be able to recover the costs of your updates.
  • Set aside 15% of your budget for unexpected expenses.

An updated property result in profit.

The key is to know which renovations are likely to increase your home’s value immediately.

Remember: no buyer wants to undertake a home renovation, but nearly everyone that purchases a house expects to have to update the kitchen. Given the situation… why not help them save the hassle of undertaking a kitchen remodel AND make money out of it?